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You're Not Gonna Win Us Over So Easily, Veazey

[RELATIONSHIP STATUS TO BE DETERMINED] of the Cup, Kyle Veazey, has done a fine job of beat reportin' and bloggin' thus far, we suppose. Oh no, we're not friends, nor will we likely be. We're just mean, bitter assholes like that. But Veazey seems to be doing his part to bridge the gap between RCR and The Clarion Ledger. From yesterday's liveblogging chat with the man himself comes this screen cap (and, no, we really didn't ask him this):


Oh yeah, we'd just love to shake your hand too, Veazey.




Joking aside, thanks Kyle. It's interesting how the mainstream and underground media have become closer and closer over the past few years, not only in style, but in interaction, mission, and access, and the fact that you've wasted more than three or four minutes over here says much towards that.