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Rebel Roundup - September 23, 2010

SBNation Has New Buttons and Such
There are new Facebook and Twitter buttons as well as some new RSS features. If you're into any of that social media stuff (I know I am) then I'm sure you're appreciative.

Neat Won't Play Against Fresno |
You mean our undersized, fumble-prone fourth-stringer won't be out there against Fresno?! Big whoop. Give Bolden the ball because, horrible dropped passes aside (still not over that one, Brandon), the guy's a baller.

Trolling the Depths of Sorrow | MaizenBrew
Michigan is good again - at least, so we think. Of this I am constantly reminded by my Wolverine friends, girl- and otherwise. Resultingly, what I've come to learn about the Mighigan fan base is that there may not be a group of people who have had to learn, understand, and cope with losing quite like they have over the past few years. Remember, up until just a handful of seasons ago, Michigan was a perennial top-10 team for almost as long as any of us can remember. Then they lose to Appalacian State and shit just gets bizarre in Ann Arbor. So, naturally, having tasted the acrid flavor of gridiron humiliation akin to, frankly, ours and the rest of the "other half" of the college football world in such a sudden and painful way, what do Michigan fans offer up after opening their season undefeated? Schadenfreude! Really, it's interesting how this and MGoBlog's "This Week in Schadenfreude" both come from a fan base who has just recently become so familiar with the agony that most football fans endure.

Regardless though, we're a grumpy-ass and disproportionately high-profile fanbase, so we're not exactly helping our cause. And if you're winning you've got a bit of a license to point and laugh. And I am pulling for the Wolverines this season. So, yeah, just take the link and following content at face value. If anything, it's amusing.

College Baseball Recruiting Results | Baseball News
The Rebels' newest 'crootin class comes in at number 21 which, unfortunately, is good for 8th place in conference. The SEC's top-25 crootin' classes came out something like this:

  • LSU at 1
  • Florida at 5
  • South Carolina at 7
  • Vanderbilt at 10
  • Arkansas at 14
  • Kentucky at 16
  • State at 18
  • Old Piss at 21

After that, it's Auburn, Alabama, Tennessee, and Georgia in that order.

SEC Power Poll | Team Speed Kills
We forgot to vote in this, but it's not like we were gonna do Ole Miss any favors anyway.

College Football BlogPoll | SBNation
Follow the link to see the final results and see Ivory Tower's ballot receive a prestigious "Mr. Bold" award for having the fourth most, let's say "deviant" ballot.

In what must be a first for the universe, Red Cup Rebellion's ballot features Temple No. 17 and Oregon No. 18. The next most pessimistic on Oregon has them No. 13.

What Brian Cook doesn't know is that we're secretly hugeOwls fans 'round here.

Fire Claims Bowling Alley | WXVT
Goodbye Kiame Lanes/Backyard Burger/Rancho Grande/Brass Monkey/The Lanes/whoever else may have inhabited that building during my stint in Oxford. I still have my Rancho Grande lunch card in my wallet (I was only three punches away from a free chimichanga.), and I know we all vividly remember Oxford's very own local, insane, and fat Elvis impersonator working behind the counter at BYB. And the old Kiame Lanes were a truly Oxonian institution. A BYOB bowling alley not only provided good times, but also invited disaster (Memories of a good friend of mine having her shoes vomited in - literally in - are starting to pop up.), making it a perfect establishment for the type of community Ole Miss fosters.