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Rebel Roundup - September 22, 2010

Masoli Might Cause Fits for Dogs | The Collegian
Sure, he might cause fits. He'll do stuff like rack up nearly 300 yards of offense before throwing a pick, having two of his receivers drop sure touchdowns, and find support in a poorly coached and executed running game. Oh, no, I'm not still unbelievably bitter about Saturday or anything. Nope. Not at all. (Robbie fucking Caldwell got an SEC win this season before Houston Nutt and I'm just supposed to be ok with that?!)

Intense Practice Comes At A Price | Wheezy Kyle Veazey
I wonder what defines an "intense" practice under the Coach Nutt regime. Regardless, such practices apparently come at a price, as DT Shackleford and Korvic Neat are both minorly injured and may miss Saturday's matchup against Fresno. Neat I think we'll be fine without - we don't need him. Shack on the other hand is an absolute playmaker on defense. Get well, Rebels.

My First Trip Into SEC Country | Aaron Torres Sports
This is a helluva read. In fact, if you read one thing today, this should be it. A blogger spent last weekend in Oxford (no, not this one, another one who didn't end up as miserable as I) and, as a result, now waxes eloquently about our school, town, campus, and traditions.

There are no words in Webster's to truly express the amount of fun I had Friday and Saturday. No words to fully commemorate the friends I made and the gratitude that I owe everyone for making the trip a life experience, not just a football one. Nothing I put down on this screen in front of you will be good enough.

But I’m going to try anyway. This is my best attempt at capturing my weekend in Mississippi from the heart. Wish me luck. I'm going to need it.

Being a Mississippian entitles one to certain responsibilities, the most important of which is to maintain a pride in where you're from, your roots, your friends, and your family because, only then, can you truly be proud of who you are. We're pretty good at that, hence the whole "Hospitality State" thing. This blogger, during his visit, did what many of us (not you, coaches and players) should have done and put the game aside in favor of, really, everything else in Oxford that Saturday. The weather was beautiful, the Grove was sublime in the best sense of the word, old friend and new friends alike were a joy to spend time with, and Oxford was, as always, the most ideal Southern town any of us have ever stepped foot in. We Rebels really are a fortunate lot to be able to call Oxford and the Ole Miss our own. Thankfully for our visitors, friend and foe, we're humble and patient enough to share. [HT: PacMan321 and ssmund]