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Final Blogpoll Ballot - Week 4

Commentary after the jump.

As I noted earlier, our ballot moved into full resume voting this week, which means that teams with losses got culled.  I'm looking for input on how to continue resume-ranking as we go forward.  My initial idea is to continue ranking teams in "strata" by wins and losses (Meaning as we move forward undefeated teams will be ranked ahead of one-loss teams.  Period.).  Quality wins can continue to be the second strata, but that distinction will need to be tinkered with.  A "quality win" could continue to be a win over a 1-loss team through, say, next week.  For the Week 6 ballot, "quality win" could be a win over a Sagarin Top 50 team.  Inside strata, I'd continue to subjectively move teams around based on their total offense and total defense.

I could also resume ballot through formula.  A simple formula would be assign 1 point for a win, 2 points for a "quality" win.

Something that I find interesting about this ballot, is that it reflects what might really happen at the end of the season.  I don't think anyone would be terribly surprised if the Top 10 teams on this ballot are in just that order at the end of the season.