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Rebel Roundup - 9/20/2010

Ghost is our fearless leader.  JUCO is an effective manager behind the scene, who adds some professionalism that maybe our readers do not always notice.  Whiskey and One Man are creative talent.  BWE likes baseball.  The One That Got Away, I suppose, got away.  What's my job?  I do the Roundup when Ghost loses it:

All-around, though, expect us to devote a little less time to football coverage and the blog in general because this isn't fun anymore. Or, perhaps it's just not going to be all that fun for the time being. The price tag to maintain this community is, time-wise and emotionally, much more than we're willing to pay right now. We're just so, so sick and tired of being sick and tired. And we are very tired of losing to Vanderbilt.

Here's a dirty secret:  I do this for free because I think writing is fun.  I love Ole Miss, but I'm more likely to get mad at the Colonel Reb Foundation's schedule posters labelling Dan Jones a "tradition traitor," than I am for losing a game.  Any game.  Whiskey said it best to me after our first game:  "sports are chaotic and stupid; and we're bad at them."  Writing about them is still fun, though.  So, I won't ever promise you that I will keep my parts of the blog updated with work-man-like consistency, but I won't stop because we lose a game, either.  That being said, let's turn some cogs on this wheel

 The New York Times has a story about Colonel Reb.  It's nothing too new.  Brian Ferguson is quoted in it.  There are some pretty pictures, though.

The bright side?  More sausage balls.

The [Relationship Status Yet to be Determined] of the Cup, Breezey Kyle Veazey (he's living the good life) tells us that kick-off for Kentucky will be at Dave:21 (that's twenty-one minutes after you hear Dave Neal's first words).  The older I get, the less this bothers me.  I love breakfast, and the gross number of hours of football watching goes up dramatically for me.

Chris Low pretty much sums it up for us, saying that's it's all been downhill since Jeremiah Masoli won his appeal.  Nevertheless, Masoli has been everything we could have asked for and more, I think. 

And, no link for this, but via Twitter, Parrish Alford says that Ole Miss opens as a two-point favorite over Fresno State.