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Rebel Roundup - Merry Football Day

College Football Has Finally Arrived
We made it, y'all, and it feels so, so good.

Red Cup Radio
I think we did a fine job last night, if I say so myself. Thank you to BHamReb and USAV3T for joining us for discussion and pick 'em. And the chat room was as lively as it's been in a while thanks to everyone's participation. Despite the bad news we've received as of late, I think it's obvious we're all excited about the impending kickoff. Widget to listen while you procrastinate at work is below.

A Statement from the NCAA Regarding the Masoli Ruling |
The fact that they're issuing a statement only lends to the idea that this is indeed a controversial, capricious, and arbitrary process. Read it and have your hopes of Ole Miss winning their appeal (hopes which should have already been nonexistent) forever dashed, Rebels. And then just move on. I know this sucks and all, but we've got a football season to start and a talented Nathan Stanley to get behind. Let's not let this bullshit get in the way of our fun. Seriously.

Free Masoli on Twitter
It started when we unveiled the #FREEMASOLI hashtag. That blew up, especially after Kentrell Lockett got a hold of it, and has finally evolved into a brand new Twitter account entirely dedicated entirely to "freeing" Jeremiah Masoli from the crapricious bondage of the NCAA's red tape. It's all one big futile effort, but it's fun and somewhat unifying for an often divided fan base, so I'm cool with it. #FREEMASOLI

About Those Divisions | Off Tackle Empire
Once "The Rivalry, Esq," now "Off Tackle Empire," SBNation's premier Big Ten football blog (it loads a tad slower than Team Speed Kills /overdonejoke'd), looks at the new divisions in the new Big Ten With Twelve Teams and notices a similarity between the SEC's East and West divisions. Haven't I sorta been saying that everybody's just trying to duplicate the SEC for a while now? Kaproof'd

What to Watch in the SEC |
Chris Low focuses a good bit on the Rebels for this weekend, despite the fact that we're playing the Illegally-Raised Ornithological Combatants from Alabama. He says that, with Masoli out due to the NCAA's ruling and Lockett out due to his fluttering heart, folks will get to see how Nathan Stanley handles his first college start and what some of our defensive backups are capable of.