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Rebel Roundup - September 17, 2010

Dexter McCluster, Do You Happen to Have a Traffic Safety Related Rap? An Accompanying Dance?



Oh... You do... That was awkward.

Ole Miss notebook: Offensive line lacks stability | The Clarion-Ledger
C'mon, Veazey, this ain't much of an observation. Before Rishaw's dismissal and Tatum's injury, the offensive line was fairly shaky. Now we're somewhere between "shit out of luck" and "can we just call for a mulligan on the season" regarding the front five.

SEC Power Poll 2010, Week 2: Separation | Team Speed Kills
The bottom again?!

Ole Miss Panty Robber Is Back | WREG
Obviously, we have a pervert in Saddle Creek. He's climbin' in your rental, snatchin' your undies up, tryin' to steal 'em so you need to hide your thongs, hide your hose, and hide your boy shorts cuz they snatchin' urrythang out hurr. /internetmeme'd

Football More Than Just A Sport At Ole Miss | NPR
Featured in the Washington Post Magazine (Click back in the archives. I linked the photos accompanying the article last week sometime.), this look at Oxford and Ole Miss comes with some incredibly refreshing quotes which, really, need to be read repeatedly.

I think Oxford is sort of the hub of Mississippi in a lot of ways. Its the intellectual center of the state. William Faulkner lived there. A lot of writers live there. And its the emotional focus of the entire state, Oxford Mississippi, and especially Ole Miss football.
You know, a lot of people have ideas about Mississippi based on things that happened 50 years. And all of that stuff, as Hiram put it to me, is in our rearview mirror. And I was a visitor, but I was really surprised by the nature of race relations in Mississippi. I live just outside of Washington, D.C. and theres a mayoral race going on right now in Washington, and its all about race. You dont see any of that in Mississippi. People are friendly. You see blacks and white socializing together in a way you dont here in Washington at all. It really, really was stunning to me, actually, to see this.

As a Mississippian living in DC, I am ambivalent towards this perspective, but understanding of it. I could go into detail but, enh, let's do more blockquotin'.

But it's a way I think that everybody in Mississippi can all agree on, obviously, that Ole Miss, the Rebels, are the greatest thing in the world. I mean but, you know, for I think, for people who dont come from the South or dont spend any time in the South, it might come as a big surprise that people do get along as well as they do. They are not just over - not get along over football, only, but just the way people are friendly. The communal spirit there is just amazing.

So swallow that bitter-ass pill, haters. Lookin' at you, State fans.