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Rebel Roundup - September 16, 2010

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Rebels' Defense Expects Rebound | The Commercial Appeal
The Commercial Appeal argues that HEY GUESS WHAT OLE MISS IS RACIST HAHAHA the Rebel secondary is "growing up quickly." I do not think this is something about which we should worry too much as our Rebels take on the Commodores, but we will undoubtedly need our defensive backs to improve by, oh, let's say a billion percent before SEC play begins.

Vanderbilt @ Ole Miss: Game Note Golden Nuggets | Anchor Of Gold
Golden Nuggets. Get it? Like, gold is one of their colors and nuggets are small things, like thos McNuggets you're likely eating right now? Get it? No? Nevermind. Click the link already. There's some interesting information to be found on the other side at SBN's newest SEC blog (they're not that new, but they did round out the SEC for us so, hooray for that).

12 Reasons to Hate the Vanderbilt Commodores | Where the Landsharks Are
David. (period is deliberate) has given twelve fine reasons to hate Vanderbilt for everyone's perusal during this fine HATE WEEK over at Where the Landsharks Are. My favorite reason: Skip Bayless attended Vanderbilt.

Help get a Rebel into the Tony Chachere's Tailgate Cookoff Finals
DO IT NOW! Vote for Koban and his smoked duck gumbo recipe in the Tony Chachare's Tailgate Cookoff contest. His dish is the dish representing Ole Miss in this contest against some, frankly, lame recipes from across the conference. We'll keep reminding you of this until the deadline in November.