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Around the SEC East--Spurrier on top

The goings on of the rest of the SEC are somewhat difficult to truly follow. Because of the number of times that JUCO and I have seen uninformed fans make sweeping judgments of opposing teams based solely on their quarterback and halfback, we decided to start a segment where, though we will talk about halfbacks and quarterbacks, we'll also talk about the other players on teams that are succeeding or failing.

Florida 2-0 (0-0 SEC)

Florida played USF last week, and once again, they let an inferior opponent hang around for a little too long. However, two of their offensive players garnered player of the week honors. Jeff Demps accounted for 255 all-purpose yards, and it looks as if he'll be their go to guy this season on offense. After many botched snaps in week one, Mike Pouncey rebounded and earned lineman of the week honors while grading out at 95%. Chris Rainey garnered "Stalker of the Week" honors after texting his girlfriend the message "Time to die." He won't be making the trip to Rocky Top. Check that one out in the 2:30 CBS time slot.

Georgia 1-1 (0-1 SEC)

A couple of weeks ago, Chris Low opined on last week's importance with this quote:  "The loser of the UGA-SC game has never advanced to the SEC championship game."  Well, SC has never been to the championship game, so that is just one of those weird ESPN style statistics.  Last week was rough for Georgia, and now they are two games behind what looks like the best team in the SEC East (SC).  Richt said that he planned on opening up the offense this week and letting Aaron Murray sling it around.  Kris Durham led the way with 3 catches for 76 yards.  This week, UGA hosts the Razorbacks.  If the Dogs lose this one, Richt's seat is starting to feel a little warm.  

Kentucky 2-0 (0-0 SEC)

Good ole' Kentucky took care of one of the directional schools from their state last weekend to move 2-0.  Did you know that Joker Phillips has never lost a game when entering it 2-0?  /espnstatistic'd  Kentucky looks good overall, and I am ready for them to start SEC play.  Matt Roark hauled in 3 catches for 65 yards last week, and Derrick Locke pitched in 105 yards on 25 carries in the blasting of Western Kentucky.  This week, the Wildcats host Akron at 6 p.m. on FSN.

South Carolina 2-0 (1-0)

As previously discussed, Spurrier's Gamecocks took care of business last week against Georgia.  Part of that effort was freshman phenomenon Marcus Lattimore.  He rushed for 187 yards on 27 carries.  Alshon Jeffery had 7 catches for 103 yards.  The Weslye Saunders incident ended this week with him being dismissed from the team.  I think this will only help SC as he will no longer be a bad teammate/distraction for the season.  This week, South Carolina tangles with Furman.  If you want to pay money to be bored, find it on ppv at 6.

Tennessee 1-1 (0-1)

Most Ole Miss fans probably saw the Tennessee-Oregon game because it took up precious airtime that could have been showing our game.  They got slaughtered.  I think TN can probably play with anyone for a half, but they have absolutely no depth.  Tauren Poole racked up 162 yards of rushing on the day, and Derek Dooley better hope that he can carry the team on his back this week.  The Gators are coming to town.  

Vanderbilt 0-2 (0-1)

LSU took care of Vanderbilt last weekend.  By no means was it a slaughter, but Vandy allowed LSU to gain 392 yards while only gaining 165 for themselves.  Warren Norman had 71 yards, but it was not enough to get Vandy going.  I hope they wait another week to upset someone in the SEC.  Let's see what Caldwell's boys are going to do.