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SEC Power Poll: Week Two? Three? Whatever.


About ten minutes ago I received a text from Ivory Tower. "SEC Power Poll. Did we do that this week."

"Shit. I don't think so. I'll do that right now. Hopefully they'll accept it."

SEC Bloggeurs in charge of this thang and readers of the Cup, forgive us. Or, rather, forgive me. See, I've been on vacation for the last little while. It's been great. I took a week off of work, flew into New Orleans for the Tulane game, and have been lazily bumming around Louisiana and Mississippi for a while. I've been fishing, I've eaten everything in sight, I've drank Juco's booze (take that, Juco), and I've been an all around bum. I will continue to do this until after the Vanderbilt game when I will fly back to DC and be thrust into my real life, my job, et cetera. I'm not apologizing for putting my bloggeur responsibilities on the back burner, but I do know that I've got people to entertain while they're working or studying, so I'll pick it up a smidge. I promise.

Alright, my hastily thrown together top-12 is after the jump.

  1. Alabama - They're number one until someone gives me reason to think otherwise. That someone could very easily be...
  2. South Carolina - I know that Southern Miss and, unfortunately for the Dawgs, Georgia aren't the best indicators this early in the season, but that South Carolina defense is saltier than hell. Their secondary could very well be the best in America, b'lee dat.
  3. Florida - Florida or LSU here is a tossup, but I think Florida would beat LSU were they to play tonight, hence Florida's POWER advantage.
  4. LSU - I think we're all going to learn just how bad this Vanderbilt team is this season. Sorry, Tigers, that win (really, neither win) wasn't really impressive.
  5. Auburn - Only because they played and defeated an SEC team, unlike...
  6. Arkansas - Almost here by default. This week's matchup between the hedges (ooh, look at us, we're Georgia and we have topiaries along our field) will tell us a lot about this team, unlike their first two games.
  7. Georgia - Only above Kentucky for having played tougher competition. Their defense is also solid.
  8. Kentucky - Someone topped the 'toppers! Get it?
  9. State - If Chris Relf could perform the ever elusive "accurate forward pass while playing on Scott Field" maneuver, State wins against Auburn. Oh well.
  10. Tennessee - I knew Oregon would demolish the Vols, but they hung in there for a while. And they've actually played somebody worth more than a damn or two.
  11. Vanderbilt - This is the last week Vanderbilt will be higher than twelve.
  12. Ole Miss - Herp derp.