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Rebel Roundup - September 15, 2010

College Football BlogPoll Top 25: Oregon Moves Upward; Boise State Not So Much |
This week's SBNation Blog Poll top-25. Hey, Ivory Tower got the ballot in on time! And, hey! Ole Miss ain't got any votes (shocking development, I know).

Documents shed light on process that led to Masoli decision | Veazey
While we didn't actually dislike Brandt at all (the whole "Enemy of the Cup" thing was a lame, two-year-old joke which we worry that some you Cuppers of took a little too seriously - or perhap's y'all really hated him, whatever), we're more than happy to apply the blog billows to the metaphorical coals under Sleazy Kyle Veazey's already hot seat. You're the Ole Miss beat writer for the CL now, Kyle, so be ready to have wild accusations, baseless cries of integrity, and poorly spelled diatribes against everything you will ever write. Congrats. Oh, and the actual entry towards which this link is directed, it's a look at some Masoli decision related documents released recently by the NCAA. He's ours now so, really, I don't care what the NCAA thought or felt then but I'm sure some of y'all are interested so click away.

Naples baseball standout Taylor Hashman released from hospital | Naples Daily News
That is great news for a guy who was once in the ICU. The guy who assaulted Hashman is still yet to be charged which, really, is sad. Somebody out there knows who did this and needs to stop being a little bitch and tell the police. Just snitch, alright?

Name of the Week: Ole Miss | Anchor Of Gold
In their MILD ANNOYANCE WEEK, Anchor of Gold looks at which Rebel footballers have the best (worst?) names. My vote goes for Lionel Breaux because his last name is an eccentric, French spelling of "Bro."

The ‘Dex-Factor’ rallies Chiefs |
Here's all you need to know about Dexter McCluster's debut with Kansas City.