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Tuesday Question - 09/14/10

Generally, we are the "authors" of "content" around here - "here" being a blog and not a message board. Recognize, we do, that you've come here not to contribute, but to consume. Nevertheless, there is the sporadic occasion where, either for our benefit or for to exercise the thinkifiers of the masses, we ask you a question. Today's question is ...

On a scale of soul-crushing to "saw that coming," what is Warren Norman going to do to our defense on Saturday?

The SEC fresman of the year in 2009, Warren Norman, had arthroscopic surgery on August 25 after suffering a sprain of his MCL.  On September 4, he carried the ball 10 times for 49 yards against Northwestern.  Last week he accounted for half of Vanderbilt's admittedly moribund offensive performce of 160-some-odd yards.  That included Norman's 51-yard option run early in the third quarter (read:  before garbage time).  What with an athletic, mobile quarterback (we haven't had any problems with those) to distract our defense, Norman could open up a can of "typical Vanderbilt offensive explosion against Ole Miss" on the Rebels.

If we call the wrong blitzes against Vanderbilt on Saturday, Norman can get in space and gash us.