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Rebel of the Week (2)

Our winner last week, in case you missed it, was Nathan Stanley. Congratulations, Nathan. Your prize is, apparently, a spot on the bench. Sit there with dignity, sir. There are a few more exciting options for Week 2.

  • Jeremiah Masoli accounted for 308 total yards for the Rebels, 27 of which came on the ground. He was 14-20 for 281 yards with 1 Interception and 1 TD to ...
  • Markeith Summers, who caught 5 balls for 165 yards, including a 70 yard touchdown pass from Masoli.
  • Enrique Davis rushed the ball 14 times for 43 yards (a 2.9 ypc average). Don't vote for him, and his percentage total in this poll can be the official RCR recommendation for the number of touches he gets against Vanderbilt.
  • Bryson Rose remained perfect on FG's for the year, knocking nos. 3 and 4 through the uprights at lengths of 41 and 29 yards. Dude is just doing his job.
  • Honroable Mention: Dexter McCluster. 'Cuz that shit was on Sportscenter, son. Makester McMoneyster is the greatest Rebel ever to wear the #22.

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