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Rebels in DA LEAGUE: Week 1

Each week, we'll reconnect with by-gone Rebels who have moved on to better synthetic turf, big paychecks and most likely(unless you're in KC, Cleveland or Buffalo) more attractive women. 

We will focus on those Rebels who made some kind of impact on respective games. Most likely, offensive linemen will be excluded along with any player who simply came in on special teams or replaced a winded player for one or two downs. 

I'll try to add any analysis to the performance as best I can, but honestly, I don't watch most NFL games especially if a fantasy player from my roster is not on either team.

Lets get to week one where we saw Dexter McCluster (yes, not Javier Arenas) score the longest punt return for TD in the storied history of the Kansas City Chiefs.

BenJarvus Green Ellis, RB, NE Patriots: 5 carries, 22 yards; BJGE continues to plug away and earns a spot on the active roster this year after a little back and forth the past two years. Seems to be somewhat constant in the RB rotation now.

Greg Hardy, DE, Carolina Panthers: 4 tackles, 1 forced fumble, 1 blocked punt; absolutely huge game for Hardy out of the blocks. The Panthers got a steal in the draft if Hardy can play like this and continue to stay healthy.

Peria Jerry, DT, Atlanta Falcons: 1 tackle; little disappointing that Peria is not making more of an impact yet. Still could be getting healthy from last year's season ending injury.

Eli Manning, QB, NY Giants: 20-30, 263 yards, 3 TD, 3 Int; well, the Giants won, which is the most important thing. He's still our favorite no matter how many picks he throws.

Trumaine McBride, CB, Arizona Cardinals: 2 tackles; great to see he's still playing. Always thought he was underrated at the CB spot in college.

Michael Spurlock, WR, Tampa Bay Buccaneers: 2 catches, 49 yards, 1 TD; Spurlock nabbed his first receiving TD of his NFL career, congrats. It was against the Browns, so its likely there's not many more TDs in the future for our former QB.

Mike Wallace, WR, Pittsburgh Steelers: 2 catches, 62 yards; Roethlisberger threw to Wallace often last year, and it seems the WR formerly known as Burnell wants to pick up where he left off. Dennis Dixon may cause him to come up short on a 1,000 yard season.

Patrick Willis, LB/Robot, San Francisco 49ers: 10 tackles; after the game, he was seen reading Tennyson and sipping a sweet port before a night at the theatre. 

Dexter McCluster, WR/PR/Waterbug, KC Chiefs: 2 catches, 9 yards; 94-yard punt return for TD, 3 returns for 100 yards; Watch Sportscenter, Dexter shows his quickness and speed, which continues to be a deadly combination at the highest level of football. 

Well, it looks like P-Willie may actually have some competition this year for Old Balls Rebel of the Week. Dexter had a massive start for his rookie season. His punt return was vital in the Chiefs victory over the San Diego Chargers, and he used his limited touches (only 2 catches, 1 rushing attempt  and 3 PR) to the very max. 

#22, you're the Old Balls Rebel of the Week. Congrats.

Anyone we missed that you think had a huge hand in their game? Does Dex deserve our hallowed weekly title?