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I hate Vanderbilt because we never play well against them. Is that their fault? No, but I'm still gonna hate them for it.

I hate Vanderbilt because, culinary speaking, Nashville is a shitty place - but somehow they're the ones who get a Pancake Pantry nearby their campus.

I hate Vanderbilt because, after Commodore losses, they somehow proudly thump their chests with a haughty "well we don't really care all that much for athletics because we're Vaaaannnddeerrrbilt /eyeroll /headturnedupwards." Oh, really, you don't care? Then why'd you drive you ass all the way down here, buy tickets, set up a tailgate, and book a hotel room?

I hate Vanderbilt because they think that, by virtue of having readily associated themselves with wasted thousands upon thousands of dollars on tuition for a university which, subjectively, is ranked higher than the others in the SEC, they're "better" or "smarter" than us. You know what making assumptions about people you don't know based on largely general characteristics is called, Vanderbilt? It's called prejudice.

Hate on, haters.