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Rebel Roundup - September 13, 2010


Tulane earns measure of respect in loss to Ole Miss |
A postgame writeup from a source in the Big Easy. "Hey, Cup, where's your postgame report?" Ummm. I dunno.

Markeith Summers is Masoli's Go-to Guy |
Normally when I set something from a linked article off in blockquotes, like this

Jeremiah Masoli started as quarterback for Ole Miss and it was apparent by the end of the game that his favorite receiving target was Markeith Summers.  Summers finished the game with five catches for 165 yards and a touchdown.

I tend to - or, rather, have always - do it with something that's an excerpt of the linked item. This isn't such. That's the entire article. Hey, it's not plagiarism if you link it, right?

Top 65 Team Previews: #37 Ole Miss Rebels | The Hoops Report
So we were alright against the SEC and pretty good in the NIT, just as with the last couple of seasons. So, naturally, we're looked at in the preseason as an "athletic" middle-of-the-pack team with the potential to finally return to the Big Dance, just as with the last couple of seasons. I can't lie though, I'm a bit excited to see Chris Warren lead this team to, hopefully, some success.

NCAA College Football BCS Bowl Projections Week 2 | ESPN
Projection one is "Mississippi vs. Houston," while projection two is "Houston vs. Mississippi," both in the Orange Mound Liberty Bowl Classic. Hey! It's better than nothing!

Gamecocks pull off late comeback for second straight week | Anniston Star
Good for them.