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This Week In Twitter - Some Back and Forth

For those who Tweet, a quick update as to whom you should now be following. Drew Pomeranz just joined Twitter today so be a good Rebel and give him a follow @DrewPomeranz. His first tweet?


Seems fun enough, so I'll be on the lookout for those contests and promotions, so long as I don't have to cheer for the, ugh, Indians... 

Cordera Eason and Kentrell Lockett had some commercial related chitter chatter via Twitter over the past weekend. First, Cordera Eason's tweet from last night that, wow, if this doesn't make you laugh then you haven't a Rebel bone in your body.

That was a poo ass Mississippi state commercial lol #rebelnation

I'm still laughing. If the term "poo ass" alone doesn't make you laugh, then you're a terribly boring person and shouldn't be wasting your time 'roud these e-parts. And the fact that Eason, a backup tailback for all four of his Rebel years, is still invested enough in the Egg Bowl rivalry to talk Spirit-esque commercial shit warms my heart just a little. Keep on hatin' Cordera.

Here's OleForty's tweet on the Ackbar spot featured on ESPN during the VA Tech Boise game:

I didn't understand that commercial about Admiral Ackbar.... They need to play it again....

There wasn't much to get, OleForty, but your boy Cordera's got a bit of a quip for you.

@OleForty that commercial was debating on Wheter it should make u or ackbar the mascot.