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Rebel Roundup - 8/9/10 - Hey, That's a Neat Date

Things Have Been Slow-ish
No Roundup on Friday? No Weekend Plans? Red Cup Cooks?! No, we haven't forgotten about RCR, we've just been out of comission. Juco has been doing Juco stuff (probably playing a lot of XBox while drunk off of Glennfiddich), Ivory Tower has a fancy job now, and I live in a house without internet (it's like the early 90's never ended). We do truly appreciate, however, all of y'all contributing this weekend with fanpots and fanshots. I've frontpaged a few so scroll down to see them, if you're interested. Especially interesting are ShitnowIworkinjackson's YouTube clip of Da Lil Bastid doing his thing in KC and EtOHReb's practice report. Thanks, y'all.

Practice Reports
Speaking of, we may type something up, but if y'all keep putting them up here and use the comments threads to discuss what was seen, ask questions, etc., we'll continue putting them on the front page. They're excellent season buildup discussion fodder. Oh, and here's Brandt's. And here's a writeup on Masoli's debut with the Rebels.

Terrell Brown
Have you heard of this fucking guy? 6'11" and 400 pounds? Don't let him anywhere near Jesse Grandy, lest he mistakes the guy for a mid-practice snack. I mean, what are they feeding their babies in Drew, Mississippi these days? HGH Dogs with chili and cheese? Purreed whey protien? And how'd they make the guy's jersey? Did they find an old Coleman tent at a thrift store, cut a hole out of the the top of it, and spraypaint "57" on it? You wanna know how big the guy is? Here's a picture of him. Ok, and here's a real one.

Newcomers Photo Gallery |
Wanna see what the rest of the n00bz look like? Follow that link and get all creepy at work/school looking at pictures of sweaty 18-year-olds.

Opening Camp: Ole Miss | ESPN
ESPN's SEC blogger Chris Low looks at the important storylines for fall camp and discusses the potential offensive weapon that is Jeremiah Masoli.

Academic Issues Keep Five Off Campus | NEGATIVE SLANT
The academic casualties: receivers Vincent Sanders and Quadarias Mireles, defensive linemen Delvin Jones and Bryon Bennett, and cornerback Tony Grimes. Nutt does, however, feel confident all will be cleared to play before the season starts. The Cup's super secret sources have also confirmed such a possiblitiy, while hiting that Mireles is the most likely to not make it of the five. We really need both Sanders and Mireles, due to our razor thin wideout corps, but one is better than none I suppose.

Barksdale no longer a Rebel |
This eats me up inside. Tig Barksdale is one of the best high school athletes to ever play in Mississippi. I mean that. And for a guy with his athleticism and potential to have far this many off-field issues is, frankly, saddening. Over the past few years, the guy has only been able to take in a few practice snaps and never really became a part of the team he was, let's get corny here, destined to play for. Best of luck in everything, Tig. I hope you can resolve your issues and get back with the program in the near future.

SEC Coaches NCAA APR Rankings | Kleph via TeamSpeedKills
Charts and graphs and numbers! Give it a look-see and be relieved that the APR woes we saw as a result from the O years are all but over with Nutt now. Also, see how troubled Auburn, Tennessee, and Sakerlina are academically. Auburn and Tennessee I understand because teams which recently went through coaching turmoil seemingly always have APR trouble (again, our shit with coach O), but South Carolina? I don't get it.

Dexter Catches Balls in Porta Potties | LA Times
That's not all of the story, but it's definitely the most interesting part. At KC's fall camp, they have receivers sit on a porta-shitter  with a coach holding the door closed. Another coach stands a few yards away with a football in hand and ready to be thrown. Coach A flings the door open and Coach B zips the ball into the john. How well does the drill work, Dex?

We laughed about it. But it's a great drill actually...Hand-eye coordination. Be ready for the ball. Never sat in a Porta Potty and caught a football before...It didn't smell.

Dex is wildly quotable. That guy seemingly just knows exactly what to say and when to say it. Also from that article

My game is quickness. My game is speed...Wherever the coach wants to utilize that, that's how it's going to be...A lot of people are going to doubt me...But as long as the coaches have that will to give me the ball, I'm not going to complain. I'm having fun playing football. Football's a fun game. You have fun doing it, you're going to win.

Damn. Doesn't that just fire you up a little bit while making you miss that guy a ton? He reminds me of Patrick Willis, Peria Jerry, and Deuce McAllister in that, while many of the guys on the field are just going through the motions, they're out there having the times of their lives. Football players who have fun playing the game are fun to watch. I think it's that simple.