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Rebel Roundup - 08/04/10

OMG Rick Cleveland Actually Understands Something Before Some Other People Do |

Wouldn't the backlash of the media and fans be worse if we DIDN'T take Masoli and went 5-7? I still don't understand how people are so pissed about this. Sure, the guy has a somewhat checkered past, but he has committed no violent crimes. For those of you who are still stuck on the "but we kicked Patterson off the team" meme, let me spell this out for you. Pat Patterson smokes cigarettes. Because of that he has conditioning problems. He has problems committing to work and was an issue for the team. That's totally different than Masoli, who has been described as a good teammate. We don't know much more than that other than the fact that Patterson was given at least three chances (having been suspended twice and ultimately kicked off).

Ex-Gator and Sort of Ex-Rebel Jamar Hornsby Pleads Guilty to Assault |

Jamar, or as I liked to call him "Oh JAM-ar", Horsby plead guilty to the whole brass knuckles thing. Does this mean we can have him back after he serves for six months? I mean, he was already suspended for a year...

A Few Legitimate Questions for Dave Rader |

This appeared to be the same played-out article when I looked at the title. Upon diving a little deeper, I remembered that Parrish Alford isn't a lazy journalist. He gets answers to questions about Randall Mackey's role and the general approach to how quarterback abilities are incorporated. Among the two things i liked the most in the brief article are:

One question facing the offensive staff is how much receiver Mackey will play?

"Boy, we’ve gone round and round with that one," says Dave Rader, beginning his first season as co-offensive coordinator and quarterbacks coach. "We see the very real possibility of him lining up at more than one position."

How many might that be?

"Oh, I don’t know, but its safe to say more than one."


"Over the years our playbook has been quite comprehensive, and coach Nutt has adapted to many varying styles of the quarterbacks he’s had," Rader said. "Whoever is our quarterback, the playbook will for sure bring out their abilities and talents."

Is that the zone-read option I hear faintly in the background? Yeah.... Jeremiah Masoli isn't too bad at that.