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Rebel Roundup - 8/31/10 - #FREEMASOLI

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The Twitter revolution to annoy people into either caring about getting Masoli his waiver or, at least, recognizing our frustration began last night and has been going fairly strongly since. Keep tweeting the hashtag, if only for a way to vent your anti-NCAA frustrations.

JSU Preparing As If Masoli Will Be Available | Anniston Star
The Gamecocks of the Yellowhammer State aren't waiting on the NCAA's word. Their game preparations are anticipating both Masoli's and Stanley's different presences on the field.

Coaches Say Stanley and Mackey are Ready | Commercial Appeal
I have my doubts with Mackey, but I must admit that I think Nathan Stanley's as ready as he'll ever be to take over the starting role if necessary. Is that a good thing? A bad thing? A little of both? We may find out soon enough.

Ole Miss Selects Team Captains | ESPN
The captains are Kentrell Lockett, Jerrell Powe, Johnny Brown, Jonathan Cornell, and Lionel Breaux as the offensive affirmative action slection. Player Power Rankings | Rivals
Kentrell Lockett, Jerrell Powe, Jeremiah Masoli, all top-25 caliber material at their respective positions according to Rivals. Even more impressive is Bobby Petrino coming in at number six and number 24 in the top-25 head coaches power rankings. HE IS JUST THAT DAMN GOOD, Y'ALL!

Sports Illustrated's Bowl Projections
A Liberty Bowl berth against Houston? Boooorrrriiiinnnnggg.