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HATE WEEK: Jacksonville State

Shoo the kids out of the room and check your delicate sensibilities at the door, because it's motherfuckin' HATE WEEK time. For the unitiated, HATE WEEK is our opportunity to vent. Maybe it's a stressful work day, or maybe it's relationship trouble, or maybe football really does piss you off that much; but whatever it is, this is where we let loose our wrath, snark, and e-smugness out on our Ole Miss Rebels' upcoming football opponent. This week, it's Jacksonville (no, not that Jacksonville--the shittier one) State Gamecocks (no, not those Gamecocks--the shittier ones) which, frankly, aren't all that easy to hate...

Ugh...I wanted to get this going. I wanted to come out guns blazing and set the tone for the rest of the season with my JSU hate but, sadly, it's just not there. What can one hate about Jacksonville State? They gave a chubby Tig Barksdale a place to play ball and even saw Ryan Perrilloux act like almost like a normal human being for a couple of years. They're harmlessly tucked away in a corner of Alabama and, as a result, mostly forgotten about. And aside from rousing all four of Alabama's diehard PETA members with their controversial-ish mascot, I can come up with nary a complaint against the Jacksonville, Alabama State University not-South Carolina Gamecocks.

Ironically, I wish we were playing Memphis once again to start our season. That'd make 2010's inaugural HATE WEEK as easy as ever. Unfortunately, that honor has been bestowed on TSFWCDAO this season.

Anyway,open hate thread. (Almost) Anything goes. Get on it.