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Swayze Bracket Semifinals: (3) Brittney Reese v. (2) Dexter McCluster

Since we last spoke, Brittney Reese won the 2010 U.S. Outdoor Nationals. Y'all people that asked who this girl is during the first round are going to be real embarrassed when 2012 comes around and Bob Costas is turning her ass into a full-fledged celebrity.

Meanwhile, Dexter McCluster has neither grown in stature nor relinquished any world-champion bastid-ness. Last week, the Chiefs signed both Dexter and former Alabama badass Javier Arenas. SEC speed, son! CBS Sports says that McCluster will be the quarterback when KC goes into the Wildcat. Hey, Todd Haley, little advice from someone who loves Dexter like the cool uncle that let me drink beer in high school: DO. NOT. LET. HIM. PASS. Except for that one time.