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Rebel Roundup - 8/26/10

That happened last night, and we had a good time kicking off season two. We didn't have much to talk about, aside from EtOHReb re-delivering his practice reports and obligatory Terrell Brown jokes, but we had fun doing it. Future suggestions for this season are welcomed and, if you'd like to subscribe to the podcast via iTunes, click this link (let me know if it works).

Top In-State Lineman Commits |
Aaron Morris of Callaway High School? Come on down! Morris, a well-built offensive tackle, adds to an already strong 2011 'crootin class. Obligatory shots at Arkansas fans for "Nutt cain't croot" claims and Dan Mullen for his "Mississippi 'crootin" talk should be understood from us at this point. Preseason 'Crootin Rakings
Speaking of recruits and recruiting and stars and other creepy stuff, here's's look at the recruiting classes which have been hauled in thus far and how they stack up against oneanother. Ole Miss comes in at a surprising number 10... which is still 5th in the SEC and 3rd in the SEC West. We likely won't finish with a top-10 class, but the 15-20 range is likely where we'll end up once again after everything shakes out.

Rebels' Veteran Defense gives Offense Fits |
Alright, so the defense has been dominating the offense, no surprise there I suppose. But the issues we've been alledgedly having with the Center/QB exchange is beyond troublesome. We're definitely going to miss Daverin Geralds this season, y'all. To the coaches, quarterbacks, centers: get that shit fixed by September 4. Thaaanks.

SEC Trap Games | Team Speed Kills
Hey, they said "trap!" [ACKBAR REFERENCE]! Year 2 of Team Speed Kills says our trap game is (and even he admits it's a bit of a reach) Tennessee! The concern is that we'll be looking forward to LSU too much to focus on Tennessee. Eh, perhaps. I'm not entirely comfortable with that game, despite the struggles the Vawls have had as of late, simply because it's an away game, so there's some truth in Year 2's assessment, I suppose. Still, you've gotta hope our players are amped to play in Neyland.