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Red Cup Radio: Season Two!


We're back for another hour-ish of podcastin' you're probably not gonna listen to! Join yours truly, One Man to Beat, Ivory Tower, Whiskey Wednesday (?), and whoever our weekly guests may be every Wednesday night this football season as we babble into our computers or telephones live about stuff that you likely care about, but not enough about to stomach our giggling.

Self-deprecation aside, join us. It's gonna be fun, and we're going to do our homework this year. Every Monday, I'm going to toss a brief preview of the show to come. I'll outline what we're discussing, who is joining us, and perhaps run through the pickem games to be pontificated upon. You, dear readers and listeners, should take this weekly post as an opportunity to suggest topics, ask questions (this is especially helpful if we're having guests on - what would you want us to ask them?), or tell us how horribly our show is going.

So, go ahead, what do you want from us come Wednesday night? We were thinking of doing something brief, maybe having EtOH Reb come on and talk practice with us, and perhaps thinking of our plans for this fall's football season. Sound cool? Yes? No? Throw us a bone or two, will ya?