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Rebel Roundup - 8/23/10

Ole Miss fans arrive for Meet the Rebels day | WMC-TV 5
An estimated 4,000 Rebel fans visited the IPF to meet the Rebel footballers, volleyballers, and womens association footballers before making their way to Vaught Hemingway Stadium to watch an open football scrimmage. Yes, Jerrell Powe did accurately and easily sign his own name and, no, Jeremiah Masoli didn't steal any personal belongings of any of the visiting fans. Houston Nutt and cell phone numbers though, we'll plead the fifth. /preemtive'd

Slimmed-down Powe ready to power Ole Miss | AP Wire
Powe has trimmed himself into a svelte, line crashing monster over the past two seasons. And how does Powe feel about the mountains of harsh, false criticism media and rival fans have heaped in his direction?

You hit the wrong guy. And go spread rumors about the good stuff like you were telling people about the bad stuff.

Get to spreadin. Now, dammit. Don't say you weren't warned.

SEC RUNDOWN: Ole Miss | The Red and Black
The Georgia student newspaper looks (very briefly, unfortunately) at our Rebels' prospects for this upcoming football season and alludes to the fact that our successes on the field hinge on one Mr. Jeremiah Masoli.

Ole Miss QB to be decided Tuesday | College Fantasy Football Insider
My guess: Stanley is named the starter for the first few weeks. Then, come Kentucky or Alabama, Masoli's in charge. Just a hunch, though.

Likable Lockett has makes Ole Miss teammates think | The Commercial Appeal
There is not a more observant, inquisitive person on the Rebel football team than Kentrell "OleForty" Lockett. As any Rebel with a Twitter account can tell you, Kentrell Lockett's second calling is obviously football, taking a back seat to situational and observational humor and all-around shit talkin'.

Top 20 super fans from around the country | ESPN
It's a cute, "OMG football is almost here" type of read, but it's pretty fun I guess. It's nice to see the SEC (Ole Miss included) so well represented on the list of the 20 best superfans per ESPN.

Video of Meet the Rebels and Saturday Scrimmage |
The Meet the Rebels video is pretty entertaining, only for the gangster-ass music in the background (complete with a Triple6 Mafia style "shotgun pump and fire" sound effect). And, in the video of the scrimmage, Nathan Stanley and Melvin Harris look, dare I say it, like actual SEC-caliber offensive weapons.