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Rebel Roundup - 8/20/10

An Interview With Rebel Great Keith Carter | Clarksdale Press Register
I've always liked Carter, and this interview is pretty good. There's something about this whole Vaught Society idea about which I find myself excited. Perhaps it's that Pete Boone attempted to dissuade the people who had the idea. Yeah. That really happened.

Pete Boone's Contract Extended Through 2014 | The Clarion Ledger
I have been a major supporter of Boone's for many years. I still think he has done something right in getting all of our major three sports to a competitive level of play. We have to remember that we're Ole Miss, and our athletic budget will never be the same as that of Alabama, etc. However, this extension puzzles me. We have yet to see a major athletic fundraiser that reaches out to the masses effectively that has been headed by Boone. I think that's everyone's chief complaint towards the man, and it's a valid one. We're essentially leaving money sitting on the table.

What We Know in the SEC |
The entirety of this article should be "absolutely nothing." It's so difficult to really assert anything about unproven players. Maybe Enrique Davis will finally be good this season. Maybe Jeremiah Masoli will play well at quarterback. Maybe Arkansas' defense will be better than last year. The headline for this story is so misleading. It should be titled, "Things Fans Hope For." Chris Low is not afraid to a sentence with a preposition.

Slimmed-down Powe Ready to Power Ole Miss | Associated Press

Jerrell Powe is such a fantastic Ole Miss rebel. I just can't believe this guy fought so long and so hard to contribute at Ole Miss. This is just a re-hashing of Powe's story to get to Ole Miss, but it's also pre-season publicity for the big guy. I hope that he's a top fifteen pick in April and that he manages to play for a winner. What a gamer.

New TSUN Shirt | Our Shop at Spreadshirt

Yeah. Check it out. I think that's the most requested shirt. Buy it.


Yeah. It's back on September 16th. If you don't watch it, start.