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Swayze Bracket Semifinals: (1) Deuce McAllister v. (4) Drew Pomeranz

After a successful NFL career capped off by being the talisman that appeased the NFL gods to let New Orleans win a Super Bowl (sometimes I still wonder of Marty McFly is going to go back in time and somehow screw up the Super Bowl championship and the Rebels' win in the Swamp for me), Deuce is entering Phase 3 of his post-college employment (polite people ignore that "car salesman" phase that didn't turn out so well; we've never been accused of being polite). This phase is, of course, the obligatory "television personality" phase. Peddling kitchen equipment is still part of the plan, but remains a few years down the line. His regular appearance on television will no doubt increase his importance as an Ole Miss personality. Here's looking forward to the Smith/McAllister Sports Report on Fox Sports!

Meanwhile, Drew Pomeranz ... what's he doing now? He has yet to be signed by the Indians, but, according to the Cleveland Plain Dealer that's not unusual and none of their other Top 5 pick have either. If there is a 1-4 matchup in this bracket that might actually be a chance for the #4 seed, I think this is it. Drew Pomeranz has been a great Rebel because he played like a champ and partied like a champ. Give the man some love, people. (That was totally not just a push to stack the deck for the greatest Rebel ever to wear the #22.)

As always, the polling ends Saturday at Midnight Liberal Yankee Time.*

*Eastern Time.