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Red Tent Rebellion Poll

Yesterday on Twitter, I asked the Cup's tweeps (Twitter slang is super lame) as to which away games they were looking to attend this fall. The most popular answers were Tulane and Tennessee. Tulane makes perfect sense as a response to this question because, really, who among us doesn't look for an excuse to blow a couple hundred bucks on a weekend in New Orleans? But Tennessee pleasantly surprised me as a common response to said question. This, in turn, sparked another question in my otherwise hollow head: "should we set up the Red Tent Rebellion in Knoxville?"

Seriously, should we? We would love to move our fervent fandom and haughty demeanor outside of the Grove every now and then and this season seems as good as any during which to do that. With games in New Orleans, Tuscaloosa, Fayetteville, Knoxville, and Baton Rouge, we would be hard pressed to go wrong with any decision made. But, if we were to decide on only one location to have a gathering of Red Cup diaspora, where would you most prefer that to be?

Keep in mind, this poll does not signify that we will only have one away game tailgate. We are simply trying to prioritize and get our resources lined up for this fall. So vote and, if you're so inclined, give us you reasoning behind your decision.