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Rebel Roundup - 8/19/10

Meet the Rebels Day Set for Saturday |
The details you need to know are as follows.

Fans will be able to purchase official Ole Miss football gear. Polos sizes up to 4XL will be available for $25, t-shits from $10, game used jersey are $50 and game used helmets’ are $250. Only cash, credit and debit cards will be accepted. The 2010 Ole Miss football media guide will also be available for $15.

The doors to the IPF will open at noon and fans can purchase a boxed lunch sponsored by Chick-fil-A for $10. There will also be a raffle for prizes ranging from a pair of football tickets for a game in the Rebel Club or South Zone to gift certificates to local businesses.

So get your fat ass on down to the IPF for some Chick-Fil-A sammiches and 4XL shirts this weekend. A thousand Cup Dollars to anyone taking an awkward picture with Houston Nutt.

Predictions have Rebels Where Nutt Wants |
Whoo, expectations, underdog, like Snoop Dogg but without the marijuana, can't have  that, can't be smokin' that stuff. Tryin' to train, it's time for football! FOOTBALL PLAYER! We try not to hear that, the ESPN's, the Sports Illustrateds, the LOU HOLTZ AND MARK MAY! May flowers and April showers, you know what that means? We're talkin' about workin' hard, classroom, Don Decker, heart. Heart. He was the one with the monkey. Didn't like Heart. Too sissy lookin. Now fire, that was a wing-wearin' guy a man could really get behind. He's a winner. Those cartoons were socialist though. Lenin and Marx, weren't they in the Beatles? Jeremiah Masoli, Nathan Stanley, Rodney Scott, the other Scott Kid. Straw hats. Rishaw Johnson.

[ED: I don't do this nearly as well as One Man does.]

Rose Helping Rebels Feel Special about Kicking Game | Rivals
Oh Neal McReady, you clever headline-smith you. Bryson Rose has won the starting job at the Rebels' placekicker spot. Per special teams coordinator James Shibest, he's been hitting the ball well this week in practice. Still, I really think we're going to miss Joshua Shene this season. 

You Want Photos From Practice?
Well they're beyond that there link, friend. And no wonder Lionel Breaux has had trouble catching the ball this offseason; he's showing up to practice with a towel on his head!!1 HA LUL

Terrico White Wins Impromptu Rookie Dunk Competition | Ball Don't Lie
HT: DuNing and akmiller. Oh, Terrico, we're really, really going to miss your talents in Oxford this season for the two or three games you were going to decide to actually showcase them.