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Rebel Roundup - 8/18/10

Practice Report - August 17 | Brandt
According to the EotC, the quarterbacks did not have a good scrimmage yesterday, Markeith Summers was out with a tweaked hammie giving Melvin Harris plenty of reps with the first team, and Fon Ingram worked out with the first team defense over Damien Jackson. There's that, and then more, but the details are scarce because the practices are now closed and the media is only allowed to watch the first 20 minutes.

And just avoid the comments thread on this one. Shit's gotten wierder than ever. Now, SMU is, for some reason, a target of the Clarion Ledger reader's vitriolic ire. And then there's this:

DAVID Bradndt, this is to YOU / Gae a kid from MS to go to bamam and the CL foams. A feel good story for days. DAVID, any reason that these feel good stories have faced TRUTH and now 6 Mississippi kids have been removed by Sabamn and Bama???????????? Or are you too big of a "ladie" to attempt to cover that? CL is dang proud when a Mississippi kid leaves and gets a Bama offefr.. Care to follow up in the 6 that have been removed and all? Or is saban an off topic? Wanna wear a hat and make it easy?

Yeah! David Bradndt! Fess up... or something.

Reviewing Ole Miss' Scrimmage | ESPN
ESPN's SEC blogger Christopher of Low writes of Masoli's abilities, Enrique Davis' promise, and the receiving corps benefiting from our qurterback talent.

SEC Inter-Divisional Play | Overall Records
Year2, SBN's resident SEC statistician, has compiled information regarding every SEC team's play against teams in their opposing division over the past 18 seasons. Ole Miss has, barely, a winning record against the East since interdivisional play began, but a somewhat low SEC record overall. When considering how unusually common Rebel victories over Florida are and how unusually rare Rebel victories over Alabama are, this makes some sense.

Andy Kennedy Settles Lawsuit | (why are they covering this?)
So I'm not really following this:

The Clarion-Ledger on Tuesday reported that Kennedy will pay an unspecified amount of money to drop a defamation lawsuit against Mohammed Jiddou and valet Michael Strother, if the two men in turn apologize to Kennedy and drop any potential countersuits.
So Kennedy sues the cabbie for defamation. The cabbie countersues. As a result, Coach says "you know what, I'd rather not deal with a counter suit" and shells out some cash for everybody to apologize and drop the whole damn thing. Is that right? If so, what the hell? Juco, IT? Care to explain?