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Rebel Roundup - 8/17/10

Practice Report, August 16 | Brandt
So are the practices closed to fans now? If so, don't expect any more EtOH updates. Sorry, y'all.

Indians sign LHP Pomeranz, No. 5 pick in draft | AP Wire
His signing bonus? $2.65 million. Holy Hell that's a lot of five dollar footlongs. Get money, Drew.

Chris Vaughn talks OM recruiting (Part 2) |
Chris Vaughn on Ole Miss' strategy of encouring recruits to visit any school they'd like, even if they've already committed to the Rebs?

Cap'n Crunch doesn't tell kids "don't buy the knock-off brand."

Give this man a damn raise. And no, I'm not joking, Chris Vaughn does his damn job and he does it well. We've gotta make sure this guy is paid to stick around and continue to recruit excellent talent to Ole Miss.

The 10 Worst Teams in College Football |
Lulz at State.

News and notes were kept brief today for two reasons. First reason: I'm busy and in a bit of a food coma. Second reason: I wanted to talk about this a little bit.

Brief recap: some journalist named Renee Gork - yes, that is her real name - was fired from her job covering the Arkansas Razorbacks for Hog Sports Radio. The reason given? Well, none, actually. The speculated reason? She wore a Florida Gators cap to a Bobby Petrino press conference. And the timing of her firing, being only a few days after her press conference faux pas, certainly lends creedence to such speculation.

But there's an alleged other side to the story. If the rumors of her trashing her job on Twitter and Facebook are indeed true then, sorry Ms. Gork, but you deserved the pink slip. People get fired for things said on social media sites fairly routinely nowadays because public displays of dissatisfaction or subversion are not good for a company or organization's image.

This, of course, doesn't excuse the Arkansas fan base (lookin' at you, Hogville) for getting the young woman's email address, telephone number, address, and whatever other forms of contact she had, distributing them, then abusing them. Acting like a bitter eigth grader isn't cool, even if you are doing it over the internet, Razorbacks.

So, in short, we all know Arkansas fans are shitbirds, but perhaps this journalist really did deserve to get the axe. Naturally, I don't know all the facts, but I doubt this one's so cut-and-dry.