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Rebel Roundup - 8/16/10

Scrimmage Report, August 14 | Brandt
You've likely already read EtOH's below, but Brandt's is worth a Monday morning perusal, especially if you've got an extra few minutes to skim through the typically asinine comments thread.

Jeremiah Masoli Performs Well in First Rebel Scrimmage | Portland Tribune
From an Oregon paper comes this report on Masoli's successful Saturday scrimmage. It is brief and of little consequence or superficial intrigue, but I do find it interesting that Masoli still receives press coverage back in the Pacific Northwest.

Jeremiah Masoli is Forever Under His Own Surveilance, Starting at Ole Miss |
And from another Oregonian news source comes this, one of the most well-written, astute, and honest pieces regarding Jeremiah Masoli's transfer to Ole Miss and the resulting perceptions and hooplah thereof. See this:

And while no one here argues that Oxford is beyond the trauma and national confusion of race, Richard Howorth -- the mayor from 2001-09 and the founder of Square Books -- offers this:

Oregonians and other Americans have the luxury of a sense of security that Mississippi is so much worse than their community. That gives them a sense of adequacy about their racial views and deprives them of the opportunity we've had to confront these issues and genuinely understand our history.


Ranking the SEC's quarterbacks | ESPN
Jeremiah Masoli comes in at number three behind Ryan Mallett and Greg McElroy and before Florida's John Brantley. Masoli's detractors will be quick to dismiss this ranking, citing his lack of passing proficiency, but even Oregon Ducks fans can attest to such. Masoli's value as a quarterback is entirely different than that of Mallett's, McElroy's, and Brantley's in that he's got excellent feet and can give new life to broken or busted plays better than most quarterbacks in America.

Andy Kennedy Back In Court |
With everything surrounding football and the micro controversies embedded therein, it's easy to lose track of something like this. Andy Kennedy is taking the cabbie he punched to court over a defamation lawsuit. The cabbie has, naturally, filed a counter suit.

Clarion Ledger High School Football Preview
Not directly Ole Miss related, but interesting nonetheless for Mississippians or 'crootin geeks. Get a look at the ten best programs in the state for 2010, the Clarion Ledger Dandy Dozen, and every high school team in Mississippi's schedule for the upcoming season in the CL's comprehensive preview (PDF).

Free-speech Policies Questioned | Clarion Ledger
Not sports related, but Ole Miss related. The Foundation for Individual Rights in Education is currently scrutinizing the speech policies of Ole Miss, State, and some of Mississippi's HBCUs.

The University of Mississippi's Internet usage policy bans any any "hateful" communication.

"So, I can't write an e-mail that says 'I hate the Democrats' or even 'I hate people who send threatening e-mails' ?" [Adam] Kissel [of FIRE] said.

The policy also bans "racially (or) ethnically motivated" communication.

"Under this policy, you can't send out an e-mail saying 'Come to our ethnic studies meeting' because that would be racially or ethnically motivated," Kissel said.

As another example, he said it could allow administrators to keep certain groups, like the Black Student Union or international student groups, from sending mass e-mails to members.

The lesson to learn here, kids, is that censorship is stupid bullshit.

And to Roundup the Roundup, a Vidya of Dex in the Preseason