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Rebel Roundup - Friday the Thirteenth

Practice Report | Brandt
EtOH will have one for us on tonights practice. I promise. For yesterday's report, just give Brandt's a look-see.

Panthers Fall In Preseason | Cat Scratch Reader
Did anyone watch the preseason ball last night? No? You didn't? Well, that's okay I guess. The preaseason is a bit of a tease anyway. If you did, though, you saw xxgr3gxxz notch two sacks in a pretty solid performance for the Carolina Panthers against the Balitmore Ravens. Michael Oher, eh, he started at LT but actually didn't dazzle me with the few brief drives I actually watched.

Terrell Brown May Be the Largest Dood EVAR | Dr. Saturday
There's nothing in here you didn't already know, but the post has over a thousand comments, some of which are just bafflingly offensive. Yay, Yahoo!

White Signs Two Year Contract | Detroit Free Press
Get money, Terrico. We're already missing you here in Oxford.

And Heeeeere's Coach Nutt Talkin' Bout Practice
Watch Count Giggity light up like Dresden in 1945 (too soon?) when Jeff Scott is mentioned. If Scott really is the halfback he's looked like in practice, he could add a whole new wrinkle to our offense for sure.