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Rebel Roundup - 8/11/10

Defense will be Key for Ole Miss and State |
Sayeth Lord Mashmallow,

We only ask them for 3 points...If we can get 3 points out of them, I think we can definitely carry the team.

So you're planning to pitch shutouts, Powe? An admirable, yet unrealistic goal, sir. And the columnist is right, here. We have too many questions at wideout and the interior of our offensive line to be comfortable with our offensive potential this fall.

Ole Miss Becomes Wild Card With Masoli | Sports Illustrated
But, there's also that. We're still likely to struggle and endure a few headaches offensively, but Jeremiah Masoli has so much game-changing potential that our hopes cannot help but inflate themselves in the month leading up to football. Hey, it wouldn't be Rebel fandom without hopes and expectations, now would it?

SEC Preseason Power Rankings | ESPN
Ole Miss comes in at number eight below South Carolina and above Mississippi State. I know, GenesPage, I'm (not at all) as shocked as you (41-27, TSUN, etc).

NCAA Investigations Border on Hypocricy |


Seriously, when are people going to give this silly shit a rest. You mean, coaches, players, agents, and administrations engage in ethically ambiguous behavoir?! THANK GOD FOR THE HARD HITTING INVESTIGATIVE JOURNALISM OF FOX SPORTS!!!


The best part of this article, which, by the way, was shamelessly lifted off of the NAFOOMs, is Nathan Stanley's mother giving all of the right answers. If you haven't read it, the journalist calls Nathan Stanley's mother to ask about Nutt and Masoli by tossing some very loaded, baited questions her way. He certainly wants her to say something just downright dastardly about Houston Nutt because, shit, it's the cool thing to do right now. She obviously picked this up right away (bullshit can be smelled through a phone, folks) and answered in a way he didn't expect, namely with tact and savvy.

Flag May Hurt MS Bid for SEC Baseball Tournament | Clarion Ledger
Alright, y'all can likely already guess my thoughts on this, but don't concern yourself with such. There are 200+ comments on this bad boy and counting. If you've got an hour or two to waste, entertain yourself.