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Rebel Roundup - 8/10/10

Practice Reports
EtOH's is below, Brandt's is here.

Vincent Sanders Joins Team |
The tall, rangy Noxubee County wideout made it to practice yesterday and wore number 11, the jersey number of his former Noxubee County High School teammate and recently former Rebel Patrick Patterson. Brandt says he looked alright, as did most in attendance yesterday.

Jeremiah Masoli Starts Over at Ole Miss | ESPN
Masoli says he won't let anyone down and that he's grateful for Ole Miss giving him his "last chance." Not "another" chance, but his admitted last chance. He knows the drill. Follow the link for video of Masoli meeting with the media yesterday.

Ole Miss adds Two Commitments over the Weekend |
How'd we miss this? DT Woodrow Hamilton of Raleigh, Mississippi and WR Collins Moore of Madison, Alabama committed over the weekend. We're going to need youth at each position next season, so this is another great off-season recruiting move by Nutt and staff.