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Rebel Roundup - 07/09/10

For Better or Worse, These are Houston Nutt's Rebels | EotC David Brandt via

What a naysayer. Seriously, this reads just like the cookie cutter preseason stuff you see in every magazine, but I hadn't seen Brandt do one of these yet. I'd actually like to put together a pre-season magazine where the pre-season views for each school are written by authors from rival schools. I can picture it now, "TSUN is guna suk! WOO GO BULLDAWGS! Offense: Throw a bunch of picks and fumble it. Defense: Lose. WOO! 41-27! FROM DIXON WITH LOVE, BITCH!" That's the type of pre-season literature I want to read.

Rebel Sports Post Impressive 2009-2010 Season | Eric Besson

So why doesn't it feel like that impressive of a "season" for our sports teams? I mean, our football team won nine games, and I'm happy with that. Our basketball team missed post-season relevance, and our baseball team didn't even make a super regional. Oh... waht's that you say? We had all-americans in golf, tennis, women's tennis, track and field, and women's basketball? Awesome.

What I Like About Ole Miss | Capstone Report

Cool. I see that you read Athlon magazine's description of our team. Way to do some research. My favorite part about the article is that it says,

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and yet the story does not continue below.

Wayne Dorsey the 13th Most Important Part of Ole Miss Football's 2011 Season | David Brandt

All I can say about this is that I hope so. I hope he's good, because we certainly don't have much depth at the position.