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Rebel Roundup - 7/7/10

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Rebels piling up Florida prospects | Brandt
I knew we had been gearing our recruiting efforts more towards the Sunshine State, but I didn't realize it was this much:

But coach Houston Nutt and his staff might have an even deeper commitment to pulling athletes out of the talent-rich state. UM recruiting coordinator Chris Vaughn's main territory is Florida and over the past two years, 16 of the program's 62 signees (more than 25 percent) have come from there (though two from last year's class didn't qualify academically).

The knock against this practice, Dan Mullen's stupid provincial bullshit aside, has typically been that we're getting guys that are "Florida rejects." While true--we're hardly stealing 'croots from Urban Meyer--such sentiments hardly show any understanding of the geography and demographics of the Southeast. Florida has over six times as many people as Mississippi. After Florida cherry picks the 20-something guys they want on campus, there are still plenty of SEC-worthy athletes available for the taking. Hell, even after Miami and Florida State get the guys they want (and even sometimes when they don't; a few of our guys have had offers from FSU and Da U), there's a ton left hanging around. That's where we've done a great job of coming in and getting the talent we want.

More than 12,000 vote on Ole Miss mascot |
For all the uproar and bullshit this whole situation has gotten, only 5,000 sudents voted? A third of the student body? And only 7,000 alumni? The more I listen to the angry camps on either side the more I realize just how little most of us actually care about this.

Travel football trip sheds light on college football recruiting | Andy Staples -
Here's Sports Illustrated's blurb. It's descriptive enough for me:'s Andy Staples recently accompanied the South Florida Express travel team, which includes 25 of Florida's top prospects, on an unofficial recruiting trip to a national tournament and four schools in the South. From The Grove to South Beach, Staples got a firsthand look of what it's like to be a top recruit. This is the first installment of a five-part series.

The third page is where most of the Ole Miss talk is. The best part is most definitely how the players partied so hard in Oxford that they were too exhausted to make the trip to Starkville.

MSM July/August 2010 Football Preview
YAY! Mississippi Sports Magazine is in! In it, a nice preview of the Rebs and some of Godfrey's smartassery. It's a pretty solid issue.

Patterson dismissed from Rebels | The Oxford Eagle
You wanna know why?


Pat Patterson and Afroman: maintaining fine Mississippi traditions.