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The Grove Bracket Semifinals

As if he knew that an important match in the ROTD bracket was on the line, Chris Coghlan has turned in on for the Marlins as of late. Cogz batted .377 in the month of June with 15 doubles and 30 trips around the bases. He and the fish are headed out to L.A. after avoiding the sweep against the Braves this past weekend. Meanwhile, the only news about Eli Manning recently has been that after backing up big brother for a few seasons, Jim Sorgi will now back up the other Manning.

In the bottom half of the bracket we have Michael Oher and Rahim Lockhart. The Ravens announced in the off season that, after excelling at right tackle, Mike will be moving back over to the left side, which will, no doubt, prompt even more blind side references than even before. Along with those will come nice things said about Ole Miss, so that's a plus. Meanwhile, as far as Rahim Lockhart goes, your search - Rahim Lockhart - did not match any documents. So, good luck with that Rahim.