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Rebel Roundup - 7/30/2010

Masoli Accepts Invite to Ole Miss | The Associated Press
He's visitin' Oxford this weekend. One billion Cup Dollars (redeemable anywhere, I swear) go to the first Cupper to buy him a neat glass of high-end bourbon, drive him to Old Taylor, or get him a wardrobe upgrade - he's coming from Oregon, so you know he'll need it - at Nielsen's. Seriously though, if any of y'all see him on the Square or out and about on campus, whip out that fancy iPhone or Blackberry of yours and snap a photo with him so we can fanshoot that noise.

Memo to Masoli: Just Say You're Sorry |
Tony Barnhart, or "Mr. College Football" as his business card and awkward introductions likely proclaim, makes a fair point in that most Southern folk are forgiving, so long as the forgivee is humble about it. Also, if said forgivee scores a few touchdowns we'll look past whatever transgressions he committed real quick like.

So Chip Kelly Has Actually Spoken to Coach Nutt |
But the Ducks head coach won't exactly disclose what was said to Nutt. That can mean he either said "Coach, you don't want Masoli, he's a shitface" or "Coach, I only did what I had to - I'd take him back in a heartbeat if possible." Either way, he said something which he cannot repeat to the media for fear of looking like a dick or lacking control of a situation.

College football recruiting: Ole Miss Rebels checkup | ESPN
ESPN takes a look at our recruiting class thus far and likes what they see.

Nutt & Co. have done a great job of getting prospects on campus earlier this year and they know, like every other program, that once they get a prospect on campus, it gives them a better chance to land them. It also surprises recruits, especially ones not from the state of Mississippi, just how beautiful the Ole Miss campus is and how impressive the facilities are in Oxford. Prospects also see a stable program that, led by Nutt, has done well both on and off the field and it has led to earlier commitments. But that doesn't mean the Rebels won't close hard and fast like they have in the past two years. It just means they're off to a better start in 2010.

Yeah, that's about right. I know it's a real shocker to some (and you know who they are) that Houston Nutt + 18 wins in two years + two NYD bowl victories + the IPF + hot Ole Miss wimminz = good 'crootin, but to the Worldwide Leader, it's pretty daggum apparent. If the coaches finish strong and reel in some of the bigtime prospects on their board, we could be looking at a top-15 type class for sure.

SEC practice start dates | SEC Blog - ESPN
Our practices start the latest of all SEC schools. Why is that?

Powe Ready to Shoulder Load of Rebel Defense |
Jerrell Powe is ready for a lot of things, I'd suppose. But I know he's most ready to prove his detractors wrong by doing all of the right things which, considering that he's done nothing but the right things for the past two years(besides giving a jackass OPD cop some lip service - but, c'mon, a lot of the fuzz in Oxford deserve it) both on and off the field, shouldn't be too tough. Now, though, the spotlight is firmly affixed on Powe's gargantuan frame and I think we all know he plans to take advantage of that.

Ray Cotton Gets Release, headed to USA |
So it's officially official. See ya, Raymond. Best of luck I suppose.

Graceland Too - Top 50 American Roadside Attractions |
While not Ole Miss Rebel sports related, Graceland Too is unquestionably an integral part of the unique culture of Ole Miss. I, for one, am a lifetime member of the finest collection of Elvis treasure this side of the Smithsonian, having visited a half-dozen times or so during my undergraduate years at Ole Miss. My favorite trips involved taking people from points way yonder (sometimes even foreign countries) up MS Highway 7 on a slow night to spend an hour-and-a-half with the absolute craziest son-of-a-bitch in Mississippi. Yeah, it scared the dogshit out of them, but I definitely provided them with an unforgettable experience.