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Rebel Roundup - 7/28/10

Sprints Wonders if Jeremiah Masoli Would Go To Ole Miss Without a Scholarship | TeamSpeedKills
I was going to link a bunch of Jeremiah Masoli stuff, but Team Speed Kills did that for us already and got the important ones out of the way:'s chat with Coach Nutt (it's quite vague - he's obviously discussing Masoli without saying the words "Jeremiah Masoli") and Brandt.

Things to Freak Out About - The Draft Hangover | Roll Bama Roll
Kleph at Roll Bama Roll looks at the impact the NFL Draft has had on the performance of SEC teams over the past several years and comes up with some interesting conclusions - namely that, were the trend to continue, Alabama and Florida shouldn't be as strong this year as they were last. But, really, would many people even superficially disagree with that?

Five Cities Plan to Bid Against Hoover |
The Hoover Met sucks. It's a terrible minor league stadium. It's large, and has ample parking, but it's near nothing interesting, drab, and lacking any real character or uniquity. The minor league parks in Montgomery, AL; Duluth, GA; Pearl, MS (Mississippi Braves, y'all); Little Rock, AR; and Memphis, TN are all nicer and know it. That's why they're each working with the SEC to explore the possibility of moving the SEC Baseball Tournament out of Hoover and into someplace much cooler. My vote would be for Memphis, as should everyone else's, due to the stadium's aesthetics and proximity to drankin' and eatin' spots. The park in Montgomery is nice, but it's in Montgomery. Trustmark Park in Pearl has great outfield seating and is accross the parking lot from a BASS PRO SHOPS which is super badass.

The SEC has a tough decision here, it seems, which is why they're likely to stick with Hoover...

Fake Masoli on Twitter
Somebody's trying really hard to be funny and coming up juuuuuuust short. Follow them, though. They'll get the hang of it soon.