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Rebel Roundup 7/27/10

Rebels and Masoli a Perfect Fit? | David Brandt

EotC Brandt has a good take on Masoli. A lot of these articles are running together now, but I think this one is different enough with a quote from Oregon coach Chip Kelly and an aside from Ole Miss Director of Compliance David Wells. Whatever happens with Masoli, it's going to happen quick. Word is out now that West Virginia wants him. I don't want him to end up there.

Germans for the Clarion Ledger | The Clarion Ledger

Thanks for noticing something that happened two weeks ago. Again, I don't care about our mascot. I can't stress that enough. That being said, the five mascots that made the cut are the ones in which I think our fanbase is most interested. Kudos.

Ole Miss Defensive Line Ranks First in the SEC | Chris Low

Yeah. They're pretty nasty. My only concern for this season is at defensive end. Kentrell Lockett is amazing. After that, it's a little hazy. Wayne Dorsey has tons of potential, but he's a juco guy. With Gerald Rivers and Cameron Whigham as the primary backups, we've got a lot of inexperience in our two-deep at the position. That being said, our top four defensive tackles are seniors. We're going to be sick on the interior.

Ole Miss Linebackers Rank Third in the SEC | Chris Low
This one surprised me. I happen to think quite highly of our linebackers, but I didn't know that people outside of our own university's fandom did. It's interesting that Low projects Shackelford is in line for a breakout season considering he isn't the starter at his position. I would guess Kight will have some good numbers as teams try to attack his inexperience. Running at him is certainly a better option than going at Allen Walker or Jonathan Cornell.  What teams don't know yet is that Kight is a merciless hitter. Thay'll know soon enough though. If you can't tell, I'm really excited about our front seven. Our defensive backs should be good too.