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Rebel Roundup - 7/26/10

It's Ole Miss. And the Rebels. Beyond That Is Not Houston Nutt's Concern | Team Speed Kills
Cocknfire of Team Speed Kills knocked out SEC Media Days coverage for SBN as well as ever last week. Here's his look on a few things said by Coach Nutt along with a bit of Snark. I especially like this bit regarding Count Giggity's weak reaction to a mascot related question:

I'm going to go out on a limb and guess that his indifference means Nutt was genuinely disappointed that Admiral Ackbar did not make the cut.

If only Coach Nutt were a big Star Wars fan...

Press-Register's Super South 120 |
The Mobile Press-Register has released their list of the 120 best high school prospects in the Southeast with Jadeveon Clowney naturally atop the list (for the non 'crootin geeks: Clowney is a freak defensive lineman from South Carolina that is on everybody's radar). Committed to Ole Miss on the list are Gerrod Holliman (#59), Donte Moncrief (#76), Ethan Hudson (#84), and Andrew Johnson (#113). Ole Miss is on the list for several of the 120 prospects and likely leads for Nickolas Brassell (#25), Tobias Singleton (#53), and Aaron Morris (#108).

Eli and Abby Manning give $1M to Ole Miss |
Eli and his wife gave one million dollars recently to Ole Miss Opprotunity, a needs-based scholarship program. It's a bit of a heartwarmer on a typically miserable Monday Morning, which is why I especially enjoyed Eli Manning's advice to future Ole Miss students:

Enjoy the experience of being an Ole Miss student. Enjoy the faculty, the athletics, the arts, the music - everything Ole Miss has to offer. Be open-minded. See what you're passionate about. Find the thing that you love and go all out for it.

Wow. There really isn't a better way to put it. If more Ole Miss students were as passionate about actually learning something and pursuing a passion, we'd definitely all be much better off.

Powe Nominated for the Good Works Team |
While Eli Manning may feel he owes something to Ole Miss, Jerrell Powe's want to give back to the Rebel community is unparallelled. For a guy who has been harshly scrutinized by the NCAA, denied by his own school's administration, and under constant ridicule from rival fans, Jerrell Powe has offered nary a complaint. Instead, he goes to class, practices, keeps his nose clean, and carries himself with a poise and dignity one cannot help but admire. That alone makes him an allstar in my book. The charity work he does during his spare time, well, that's just icing on the cake, but it's good to see him finally getting some recognition for it.

Fins up, Jerrell.