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Rebel Roundup - 7/20/2010 - Crootin' Talk

There is lots of 'crootin talk today
If that ain't your cup of tea, as I know is the case with many of y'all - then just wait it out.

Miller time for Ole Miss! |!
The player that many are calling the best quarterback in the state of Mississippi this season committed to the Rebels last night. Mikhail Miller, a 6'2", 235 pound pro-style quarterback, was also pursued by State and Alabama. Follow the link to watch Yancy Porter's (sorta creepy - back off with the camera a bit) interview with Miller where he not only discusses his commitment, but also his wish that some other non-Rebel commits follow him to Oxford. It sounds like the guy's going to more-or-less lobby (or blackmail - that works too you know) other Rebel recruits to commit.

Taylorsville LInebacker gives Randy Dandy News | Brandt....
I'm fairly confident Brandt had nothing to do with that headline. So I'll play nice. Also, I'm playing nice because the commitment of Marcus Mayers also just recently took place. Mayers, a linebacker out of Taylorsville, is a Clarion Ledger Dandy Dozen selection and boasted offers from State, Oklahoma, and Alabama.

Every time I came to Oxford, it just felt right...I loved the campus, the weight room, the coaches.

Ole Miss Not Interested in Masoli | CFF Insider
This is also what I'm hearing from the Cup's super-exclusive, super-secret sources. I am starting to think a guy like Masoli would be worth the gamble but it seems that's a non-issue at this point; the coaches just aren't going after him.

'Crootin YouTube
Here's a video from last weekend's high school senior camp held in the IPF. In it you'll see Dontae Moncrief, Nickolas Brassell, Mikhail Miller, TJ Worthy, and other Rebel prospects and commits. Pay close attention to Brassell, the state's number one overall prospect who could see time at either defensive back or wideout at the next levell; he looks quite good (after the jump).