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Weekend Plans - 4th of July Edition

Once again, it's summertime.  Fireworks, cold beer, smoky barbecue, and bikinis define the time.  We're having fun, and we would like you to as well.  While our Autumn weekends will be engulfed in the conflagration of college football fandom, those of our Summer will be fun and varied.  As such, we Cuppers would like to share with you our Summer weekend plans, along with the weekend plans of a few others of note, in order to hopefully give you ideas as to enjoyably bide your time until kickoff.

First, the song of the weekend. Weekend plans follow after the jump.

The US of A - Celbrating 234 years of kicking ass and taking names.

MSU fans and administrators - continuing their attempt to spread communism throughout the nation; The People's University indeed...

Lebron James - Signing with the Lakers.... making every other team give up.
Ole Miss football coaches - apparently recruiting their asses off... who knew?
Mascot Selection Committee Members - Being individually assigned cobra security guards to watch after them be fat and fall asleep.

Roger Goodell - handling thousands of requests from Alabama fans asking for inclusion to the NFL. Most are hand-scrawled crayon: "BAMA IZ DE BEST, LET US N."
One Man To Beat - Memphis BBQ and lots of beer. America.

Ivory Tower - visiting Georgia, his true home state even though he has never lived there. Seriously.... the guy's obsessed.

Giant Douche and Poop Sandwich - still moping after not making the semi-finalist list for Ole Miss mascot.

Me - breaking in the new grill, making homemade ice cream, and drinking lots of beer.

Those are our plans. What are yours?