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Rebel Roundup - 7/19/2010

Charting the SEC in 2007-08 | Team Speed Kills
As a followup from his fantastic look at 2009's statistics, Year2 of TeamSpeedKills diagrams 2007 and 2008. In 2008, our Rebels were clearly the 3rd best team in the conference behind Alabama and Florida. In 2007, our Rebels were oh so very clearly the worst. The fact that Year2 is able to apply the numbers to visuals really demonstrates just how different Ed Orgeron's final year was from Houston Nutt's first in Oxford. I mean, they're not even in the same galaxy, statistically speaking.

WR Moncrief commits to Ole Miss | Brandt Talkin' Bout Ole Miss sports
For those of you who aren't into the 'crootin - which is actually a bit virtuous because 'crootin is creepy - Moncrief is a big pickup for our already paper-thin receiving corps. He also is attributed by Brandt as saying he would hope to see Tobias Singleton and Nickolas Brassell, two other high-caliber wideout prospects from the 'Ssip, joining him in Oxford. If so, this could end up being a banner year for Rebel recruiting on the offensive side of the ball.

No. 1: Nathan Stanley | More Brandt
Atop (Or is he on the bottom? If so, he's definitely a power bottom.) David Brandt's countdown of the 20 most important people to Rebel football this season is Nathan Stanley. Having been Jevan Snead's backup for two seasons, Stanley knows two principal truths to quarterbacking at Ole Miss: Having Mike Oher and Michael Wallace helps more than you could ever imagine, and throwing picks = BAD SCARY FIRE DON'T DO IT.

As far as his standing on this countdown goes, I don't think I could agree more with Brandt. Whether or not we're able to put points on the board rests squarely on Nathan Stanley's shoulders. So, no pressure or anything, big guy.

Key stretch: Ole Miss | SEC Blog - ESPN
ESPN's Chris Low has taken a look at each SEC team's "key stretch," that is, the part of their schedules most likely to prove who they are as football teams. For the Rebels, our back-to-back road trips to Alabama and Arkansas followed by our home date with the Auburn Tigers counts as such.

2010 Blue Ribbon Preview: Ole Miss | ESPN
Well this is neat. Every season, Blue Ribbon and ESPN crank out some very detailed looks at each major college football team's upcoming season. Most of them are not free. This year, Ole MIss' is. It's worth the read and the price.

Ole Miss will still be the Rebels, but will new mascot be a muppet? | USAToday
First, no. Secondly, this shit's gone national, y'all.