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Rebel Roundup - 7/15/10 - More Mascot Stuff! (YAY CONTROVERSY!)

Penn State (Basketball) Announces Out of State Foes | Black Shoe Diaries
The Rebels will play host to a visiting Nittany Lions basketball squad this fall as a part of our basketball out of conference schedule.

As a road game against a solid opponent like Ole Miss, this will be a tough one for Penn State, but this team has walked into some tough unfamiliar buildings before and come out with wins, so don't be surprised if Penn State can catch an RPI boosting victory here.  Of the Lions' games with BCS level programs, this one is probably the most winnable.

Their other big out of conference opponents are Maryland, St. Johns, andVirginia Tech. Tech is a program which is about on par with Ole Miss as of late whereas the others have - as you all know - far better basketball traditions.

Charting Where the SEC Was in 2009 | TeamSpeedKills
TSK's Year2 knocks this one out of the park which, considering the fact that "statistics" and "analysis" are involved, should be expected. The most frustrating thing about these charts, though, is you can see just how much better our Rebels were, statistically, than South Carolina, Auburn, and State - three teams which, really, we could have definitely defeated. WAOM, I guess.

Bobby Johnson Retires |
I know this isn't new news to anyone. I just wanted to share the storystream so that you all may see the takes of other SEC bloggers on this bizarre and suden offseason development.

Mascot Poll Update!
The five "finalists" out of the concepts are, in no particular order:

  • A horse
  • A Landshark
  • A Bear
  • A Lion
  • Hotty and Toddy

The mascot selection committe then goes a step further to clarify some embarrassing confusion which was had regarding Hotty and Toddy:

Let us note that we have heard your voice regarding the muppet reference in Hotty and Toddy. If they make it to the next poll, the Ole Miss family will have an opportunity to see and vote on the graphic depictions for the pair. We recognize that verbiage has caused confusion; we hear you and we will make this right.

 To be fair, Mascot Selection Committee, y'all did say "the pair may be animals or original 'muppet-like' characters, but completely unique to Ole Miss." People, which history has shown are stupid, rife with paranoia, and quick to judge, immediately saw the word "muppet" and freaked. Y'all did say that, really, Hotty and Toddy could be anything. So don't let the bastards get you down. It's not at all your fault they misunderstood you to begin with.

And, hey, thanks for being far more diplomatic than I could hope to be.

So what's next? Apparently they're going to get some graphic designers to work out some concepts (ONCE AGAIN, THESE WILL BE CONCEPTS. CONCEPTS ARE NOT FINALIZED IDEAS OR PLANS. DESPITE THIS, A LOT OF YOU WILL FLIP THE FUCK OUT OVER THEM. PLEASE TRY TO NOT BE LIKE THAT. KTHX) for we, the Rebel fan base, to look at and discuss. I, for one, look forward to it.