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Rebel Roundup - 7/14/10 - Media Days and Magical Horses

An Early Look at SEC Media Days |
Tony Barnhart, the (likely self-appointed) Mr. College Football himself, gives his readers a list of what can anticipate seeing at SEC Media Days next week. As far as Ole Miss is concerned, we're sending Kentrell Lockett, Jerrell Powe, and Bradley Sowell to represent us and, interestingly enough, will be the last school to take the podium.

One Man To Beat will be our man on the ground at the event bringing you live updates, tweets, photos, and other items of interest. He doesn't so much know this yet, but he will soon enough (hey One Man!). 

Must See List at SEC Media Days |
So he lists Powe in his top-10 must-see list due to his skepticism over Jerrell's intellect. That's, cool, I guess? He should have listed, of course, Kentrell Lockett because, with tweets like this...

  • #Brum (Lamar Brumfield?) got Polish sausages for hamstrings
  • @MRMarcusTillman listens to Chris Brown to go to sleep
  • So we in class n this girl bring in some cherry tomatoes.... Talking bout I brought the class some breakfast.... WTH know he'll say something racously badass up on that podium. And, y'all, all of those Tweets came this morning. I didn't have to dig for them.

Robertson wins Silver |
Rising sophomore track sensation Ricky Robertson continues to rack up awards, this time winning the silver medal in the high jump at the 2010 NACAC Under-23 Championships this past Sunday.

Letters to the Editor: Endorse the Horse, Of Course | The Commecial Appeal
So a Rebel fan writes to the Commercial Appeal endorsing the potential Ole Miss Rebel Horse Mascot. It is overall quite reasonable and based on otherwise fine reasoning. The most irritating part is, naturally, the suggestion that the horse be named "Rebel", a prevalent idea amongst mascot suggestions which this bloggeur in particular finds annoying. We can be more creative than "Rebel" as a name, y'all. C'mon, is Alabama's Elephant named "Crimson Tide the Elephant"? Is Tennessee's hound named "Volunteer the Dog"?

But I digress.

The best part of this letter is the very last line, right chyeah:

Thirty-seven years ago, I rode a horse out on the football field for one game, Ole Miss vs. LSU. Let's bring him back -- back to the future.

Fuck yes! Rebel the time traveling horse!