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Rebel Roundup - 7/13/10 - Tuesday the 13th!

Sorry, Mrs. Juco, your husband is going to be predisposed for a month or so.

Moncrief, With Help From Sis, Mulling Options | Clarion Ledger
Rod Walker, the high school football beat writer for the Clarion Ledger (and a good one, at that), talks about how Donte Moncrief, one of the state's most highly sought-after wide receiver prospects, is taking plenty of recruiting advice from his college-aged sister. Why is this significant? Because it's better than him taking advice from Dan Mullen.

Alex Yarborough Named Costal Plains Hitter of the Week |
Rising sophomore second baseman Alex Yarborough. That's because

Yarbrough started in all seven games for the Thomasville Hi-Toms last week, hitting .464 with 13 hits, four RBI and four runs scored. 

Yarb (is that a suitable nickname?) quickly became one of my favorite players last season, and I think we can all expect greatness out of him for the 2010-11 season - enough greatness, at least, to win games all the way through the first game of a Super Regional.

For Terrico White, There's Good and Bad in the First Two Summer League Games | Brandt
Of course you'd mention some "bad" right after some "good," David Negative Sl(Br)an(d)t! The good? He's scoring a lot and being called, by some, a draft day steal for the Detroit Pistons. The bad? The former Rebel has only taken six free throws and is averaging only two rebounds and two assists so far in the summer league. Per Brandt, this calls into question Terrico's "aggressiveness" which, as we all know, was something he rarely showed for most of his Rebel career.