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ROTD: Round 2 Preview

After a month of heavy scientific consideration, we're ready to move into Round 2 of voting for our Rebel of the Decade.  Not surprisingly, every 1 and 2 seed survived.  I was, though, a little surprised that none of the 3 seeds were booted from our little contest, along with only one 4 seed.  I was castigated early in the polling for errors in seeding, but the selection committee, obviously, got things pretty close.  Either that or there's a big discrepancy between the top 20 Rebels of the last decade and the next 20.  We'll get Round 2 rolling next week, but until then we have update brackets and some stats after the jump.



The matchup between Powe and Oher turned out to be the second most competitive in the whole First Round of the bracket.  Big Mike took it 53-46, though.


The four-five match-up in the Rebel Bracket ended up as the most lopsided in the poll.  Stephen Head showed himself to be the most popular of the 2005 Diamond Rebs by a crushing 91 to 9 percent (no, I don't know where that other 1 percent went).

  Dexter, Deuce, and Drew cruised to big victories in their first rounds.  Meanwhile, Brittany Reese edged Lance Lynn 53-46 to advance.  Along with the Powe/Oher match-up, the Reese/Lynn was the second closest in all the polling. Vaught_bracket_medium

Chris Warren was the only "underdog" to advance out of the first round, beating out #4 Barnabus Kirui 51-48 in the closest vote of the First Round.  Mike Bianco also cruised to a first round victory over Jonathan Nichols 78-21.