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Rebel Roundup - 7/1/10

64 Days Until Football
As Ivory Tower did with a Rebel Roundup when the imaginary countdown ticker displayed "71", I am taking advantage of the number 64 to show Da Lil Bastid all the praise he deserves from the Cup by using a photograph of a 64-yard touchdown he scored against Arkansas. Nine-weeks-and-one-day from now is Rebel Football Eve. That's exciting.

Never Fear: Ole Miss' Non-Ackbar Mascots are Just as Ridiculous | The Sporting Blog
Written by Brian Cook, a member of the Spencer Hall/Matt Hinton/Brian Cook Triumvirate of College Football Blogging Excellence and Smartassery, this Sporting Blog entry hits the mark in many places, namely the absurdidty of the entire situation to begin with, the Ackbar backlash, and the lingering lack of satisfaction amongst the--how to put this diplomatically--more stubborn  members of our fan base (WHICH IS WHY A MULE AS A MASCOT WOULD BE SO APPROPRIATE). It does, however, miss the mark in a few others, namely the notion that the Ackbar "movement" died as a result of students not wishing to be portrayed as "dorks". True, many (dumber than horse shit) students were pissed over the Ackbar campaign, but Cook neglects the fact that said campaign had wide-ranging student support as well. Oh, and it was also organically started by a few students entirely independently of the administration as well.

Regardless, we're not getting Ackbar, we're probably getting a bear (which I'd be cool with so long as it was alive and really, really pissed off at State fans... You can train them to do that, right?), and Brian Cook entirely endorses the LandShark for some odd reason or another.

Rebel Trio Distinguished by Lindy's |
Juco and I vehemently attest that Lindy's is consistently the most inaccurate preseason evaluator of talent and team potential--an attestment which resulted from their ranking of our linebackers as being the worst in the conference when Patrick "Arguably the Greatest Linebacker in the History of the Southeastern Conference" Willis was starting at the mike spot--but it's still great to see Jerrell Powe, Kentrell Lockett, and Bobby Massie getting some recognition. Also getting praise: Markeith Summers as a "rising star," interestingly enough. Lindy's also praised Coach Nutt's recruiting efforts, declaring

Ole Miss [to be] college football's No. 19 recruiting school over the past three years and rated the signing class of 2010 No. 18. Highlighted by Randall Mackey, the Rebels' 2010 class boasts a group of athletes tied for fifth in the nation, while Dorsey keys a corps of incoming defensive linemen that ranks sixth.

Why Replacing the Georgia Dome with a Smaller Football Stadium is a Bad Idea | DawgSports
The Atlanta Falcons want a new, outdoor stadium. The proposed stadium would be smaller than the Georgia Dome and, in fact, be similar in size to Vaught-Hemingway. T Kyle King does not like this because of the perceived negative impact this would have on the SEC Championship Game, were it to be played at this new stadium. Therefore, this article is of little to no relevance to Ole Miss fans. WAOM.